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Our Services:

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Industrial Machinery

Oversize Toys

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Legal Freight



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Dedicated Lanes

About Us

We are a Freight Specialist company founded on 2020 due to the increasing transportation demand, unattended customer requirements and increasing transportation costs that have many customers unhappy in their daily business operations.

We saw the opportunity to attack these transportation gaps by creating a system that contributes and guarantees to reduce company's transportation issues by 98%.


The owners of the company have together about 10+ years experience in the transportation industry. The company has 33+ expert Freight Specialists who oversee the logistics of hundreds of companies throughout the US.


We are proud to confirm that the results we provide to our customers are excellent and consistently exceed their expectations.

About Us

Specialists You Can Trust

Secured and Efficient Moving

Picked Up And Delivered On Time


Customer Satisfaction



Late Deliveries?

One of the 1st steps to avoid them all is to do carriers and trucks background check and inspections. 

Good thing We do that for you! 

Damaged Load?

If this ever happens to you You have to make sure the drivers insurance is up to date and able to cover your load cost. 

Struggling With Your Project?

You can easily email us the list of your loads and dates and We will schedule them all for you. 

Oversize Toys Mover?

You may be dealing with towing services and oversize permits. 

You have to make sure to get the right truck and axles to handle the fat toys..

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